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1999.60.508A-D This folder includes four pieces of small papers and a small envelope. All four pieces of papers were in the envelope with four Chinese characters -Ning yung Ben. Association written on the front 1999.60.508A This is a receipt of donation . Receipt number is 13311. This receipt is printed with black ink. The two large Chinese characters are the words "receipt". The smaller letters on the very top of the receipt is the name of the organization:Ning Yung Ben. Association and the address:41 waverly Place, san Francisco, Cal., U.S. A. translation inside the border: Received by Mr.or Mrs. Chen(the name is not very clear) from Mr. Wu Luo Yi of Xia Ping fort, Ping An village one dollar donation for the first association meeting.The receipt issued by Ning Yung Ben. Association on October 31 , 1928(The 17th year of Republic of China) Translation of the smaller characters on the right: According to the decision No. 3 voted by the entire staff of the first association assembly preparation office on July 7th of the 17th year of the Republic of China(1928), all people over 18 from Ning Yung paid the one dollar due have been approved by the Ning Yung Ben. Association to be allowed to pass. Translation of the bottom lines: Doners should keep the receipt at the time of departure. 1999. 60. 508 B This is Certificate of Registration number1963. The name of the organization issued the certificate is on top of the certificate: Hoi Sun Ning yung Ben. association, 41 Waverly Place, San Francisco, Calif., U. S. A. Wu Ming Yi , age 27 of Xia Ping fort ,Ping An village has followed the decision no. 8 of the registration rules voted by the first trans American Ning Yung Ben. Association assembly filled out the registration form and paid the one dollar due. Translation of the line on the bottom: Registers should keep this certificate and present it at the time of departure. 1999. 60. 508 C This is receipt number 19193. issued by the same organization as the one recorded as 1999.60. 508 A. This one was issued to a different person Wu Shi Zhen on June 29, the 18th year of Republic of China(1929). 1999.60. 508 D This is also a registration certificate , the same type as the one recorded as 1999.60. 508B. The number of this certificate is 7595. This certificate was issued to Wu Shi Zhen age 59 of Xia Ping fort , Ping An village on June 29, The 18th year of the Republic of China(1929).
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