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document inside envelope A: document all in blue chinese except in upper left corner within a circle a wheel with wings and "Flying Wheel Brand" This sheet is the explainatrion sheet of the medicine, the sheet is divided into three sections , the left section includes the trade mark , the name of the medicine and the name of the company, the price per package of medicine is 40 cents, the middle section is the pathological origins of skin diseases,the upper part of the right section is the list of skin diseases the medicine will treat, for examples: cuts, insect bites, burns etc., the lower part is the explaination of the usage of the medicine. B: envelope red front with blue chinese upper left within a cirlce a wheel and wings and "Flying Wheel Brand" The four characters on the upper right are the words" trade mark" The five big blue characters are: ointment for reducing swellings and exterminating virus.The four smaller characters on top of the five big characters are : "the sacred skin medicine". The four characters under the five big characters are:" necessary for travel and home." On th lower right there are double circles, inside the circles the Chineses words are:kill germs, exterminate virus, protect skin, grow new skin, at the left of the double circles is the name of the company: Yi zhong drug manufacturing company. back.: white with blue Chinese characters, on top said "trade mark and flying wheel brand ", in the middle there are two circles, inside the right circle: trade mark flying wheel brand, sacred skin medicine and ointment for reducing swellings and exterminating virus, inside the left circle is the name of the company bottom: The Yik Chung Drugs & Company
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