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Chinese bill translated as: Your patronage is welcome. To settle the account in the previous term Balance +566.44 yuan (you save 566.44 yuan) March 5th save 100 yuan April 3rd save 100 yuan May 2nd save 100 yuan June 5th save 100 yuan July 2nd save 100 yuan August 3rd save 100 yuan September 5th save 100 yuan November 5th save 100 yuan 7th save 100 yuan December 3rd save 100 yuan January 4th save 100 yuan All together we save 2566.44 yuan The draw out side March 13th paid 300x0.49 = 147 yuan pay fee 0.20 yuan 25th draw 16 yuan June 22nd paid the rental on your behalf 21.00 yuan October 10th paid the property tax for southern house on your behalf 50x0.44 = 22.00 yuan November 15th paid 450x0.4375 = 196.90 yuan December 19th paid the membership dues on your behalf 0.6x35 = 21.00 yuan 23rd paid Shi Yu on your behalf 200 yuan 27th paid the donation 10 yuan to the Xu Shan school on your behalf January 22nd paid money order 2000x0.403 = 806 yuan paid remitance fee 0.20 yuan paid the total price of good to Jing Xiang store on you behalf 121.85 yuan [Notes: you can check the end of 1999.60.574] Total Draw 1562.15 Balance +1004.44 yuan To Uncle Eng Shi Bao Jing Xing Store Seattle, U.S. January 28th, 1950
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