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Chinese letter translated as: Shi Bao my uncle may I draw your attention to the following: I have the honor to report to you the winter was passed and the hot summer days is coming. Several months passed since we seperated. I miss you very much. Even in my dreams, it is unable to forget. Now I wish you are in good health and everything is fine. You pass the Hong Kong dollars 500 yuan and a check 85 yuan all received to meet the expenses of your family member's wedding. Shang Shi, Shang Xin, and Xiu Hong (his other name is Shang Qian) three of them all are studying in the countyside, Tai Cheng. The expenses are huge so your family wish you can give them more money and everyone is fine, don't worry. My wife slipped down in an accident in January. She was seriously injured. It is fortunate, the famous doctor cured her wound and got well and spent several hundred yuan. I am unhappy so I haven't written letter to uncle. I apologize for it. Now, everybody in our big family are all fine and our hometown are safe and sound. Zhan Hong still study in the village school. The expenses of Shang Qian's marriage and the price of buying land, the sum is 3000 yuan. The details of expenses about to buy land. The land sales in Luo Sham the area is about following: If you plant the land, the area needs seed of 5 dau [dau, a unit of measure for dry grain], cost of 2750 yuan. The expenses of the party after signed the contract, 200 yuan The incidental expenses, 50 yuan The four side share the expenses, 300 yuan, everyone 750 yuan The above all have doen well yesterday With best wishes Nephew Shan Quan March 16th, 1927 The statement of your account Uncle Ya Yun forwarded your Hong Kong dollar 2173.12 yuan to me. Bill, 412.32 yuan In uncle Ya Yun's presence I got 2585.44 yuan. Shang Xing forward 252.24 yuan. All together from Ya Yun and Shang xing the total is 2837.64 yuan. The expenses of Shang Qian's marriage, 2200 yuan. Send 280 yuan to mother's parents family, total 2480 yuan. To buy land 1/4 750 yuan. Draw out 3230 yuan balance- overspend I have saved 3 92.36 yuan on behalf of you. Last year, get 150 yuan from uncle Ya Yun was all forwarded to your family. This 150 yuan and buy gold vessel's price is not from me if there is any mistakes or isn't clear please tell me. I'll do my best.
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