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Chinese statement translated as: Continued from the proceeding balance you saved 910.56 yuan. Debit side September 7th 1923 save 200 yuan October 25th save 1000 yuan Total: 1200 yuan Credit side July 14th, 1923 draw 97.78 yuan to buy Ginseng September 14th draw 92.22 yuan to buy Ginseng October 14th draw 16.40 yuan to buy Korean Ginseng draw 7.00 yuan to buy cotton-paded mattress December 2nd, 1926 draw 150 yuan "Zhong Mei" forward to 10th draw 74.04 yuan to buy Gold vessel January 5th, 1927 draw 500 yuan "Lian Sheng" forward to 14th draw 300 yuan "Lian Sheng" forward to 20th draw 200 yuan Lian Sheng pass the 200 yuan to Hong Kong January 22nd draw 300 yuan lian Sheng pass the 300 yuan to Hong Kong Total draw 1738.44 yuan balance +373.12 yuan balance 0 To Shi Bao younger brother and draw your attention to the accounting February 19, 1927 Ya yun
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