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Chinese letter translater as: Shi Bao my brother: I have the honor to inform you on July 25th I received your letter dated June 26. It includes a personal guarantee, a check in Hong Kong dollars. Recently, the exchange rate is floating. A little bit go down. Deduct commission and the others all together 1930.85 yuan was received. It all saved in my account. You can draw it any time. Your other account here, the balance is about 100 yuan. Your family's expenses are on less money. Your letter and it's envelope all are forwarded to your family. If there is a letter from your family, I'll forward it to you as soon as possible. Now everyone in your family are fine. The native place all is well. The only problem is prices up. For example, rice (the moderate level) 15 yuan/dan [dan, a unit of weight in China. 1 dan = 50 kg]. Xue Shi (a kind of plant) 5.2 yuan/dan. Firewood 2.8 yuan/dan, white gourd 1.4 yuan/dan. It is a long time since you went out. If you have spare time, please come back to visit us. Several weeks ago I got a letter from Shi Li. At that time he was fine. Now I know from your letter he died in the hospital. I am terribly sorry for it. I think nephew Xi Xiang will arrive in Hong Kong soon. With regard to Shi Li's death. I don't have courage to open to the others. Shi Fu will travel by ship to come to the US. on the date of August 5th. He can tell you the details about our native place nowadays. The price of the large size of gold bullion is going down. 78 yuan a piece. A few days ago 85 yuan a piece. With best wishes, Shi Kuan July 28, 1930
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