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a: This is a short letter written on red lined stationary. On top of the letter are four big Chinese characters translated as: Announcement letter paper. At the bottom of the letter there are five small Chinese characters translated as: Made by Guang Dong Book Store. Translation of letter: Shi Bao uncle: You probably have received the letter I have sent to you yesterday. Aunt told me the damages of the house by several floods from the year before are not small. Because of this, all the old houses in the village are going to have their wall base repaired to prevent water damage. It wont cost too much to repair uncle's old house but we can save the building. So, we are writing to you and ask you opinion. Please write back and tell us. I wish you safe and healthy. Your nephew Shang Jun On the left of the letter is the date May 26, 1933 (The 12th year of Republic of China May 26). On top of the main letter there are two rows of smaller Chinese characters added to the letter translated as: This year the rain is abundant and even. The rice is growing earlier and abundant too. We are not sure if the weather will keep this way. bi: This is a short letter written on a lined stationary paper. The four Chinese characters on top of the paper said: Announcement stationary paper. The small characters on the right said: the page number. The page number is supposed to be written in between thses two characters. On the left, the month, dates and years of the Republic of China. The number of dates should go into the blanks between the characters. On the bottom reads: Printed by Guang Hua Book Store. Translation of letter: Shi Bao uncle, It has been several months since I said good bye to you. Whenever I thought about you, I really admired you. I was planning to write to you and wanted to find out how you are doing. Thank you for sending me $112. It came to me when I had the urgent needs. Thank you for being so kind. You have given me such a great favor. How can I not have the desire to return favor to you? When I return to US I will give the money back to you. Uncle's second son Zheng Tong (Continue on 1999.60.618 bii). The following is the continuation of the letter This part appeared on 1999.60.618 bii: Uncle's second son Zhen Tong has already been walking and talking, is a very bright kid. We are all happy about it. Xiu Tong is studying at Xia Ping. He is very bright. But is carefree. He does not listen to his mother's advice. Yesterday aunt told me to ask uncle to write a letter home to teach him the right thing in order for him to make some changes of his behavior. Because of the family situation, I probably will return to US sometime between June & July, just to let you know. I'm fine right now. Please don't worry about me. Greetings to you, Your nephew Lun Fu On the left side of the letter is the date. The date is May second. The year is not clear. d: Translation of letter: Father your excellency, in front of your knees. We have received your letter and the enclosed money $112 dollars. We have distributed to the right people from grandmother down. Everyone in the family is fine. You are away from home. We hope that you are healthy and fine. Sincerely wish you golden peace. Signed your son Xiu Tong and Zhen Tong. Dated 1923, June 15
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