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Translation of letter: Without notice it has been several years since we met and chatted last time. I hope you are healthy and making money, and everything goes well. If this is what's happening to you, we are very happy for you. I heard that your son has already chosen the 16th of this month to deliver the betrothal gifts and the 28th to get married. Congratulations! My son Shang Jin opened a Western Restaurant in Seattle. I don't know if the business is stable. Please advise him to work hard. He is younger and not as experienced as you are. Since you get along you can take care of each other. Here, everything is as usual. We seldom have any robbery or bandits. The problem is that everything is expensive. The tax was increased to make up the expense of the country. Not only the business circle are facing problems, the villages are also having a difficult time. Everyone at home is fine. I hope everything at your place is also fine. Hope you great peace. To my brother Shi Bao from Shi Wei. On January 12th Din Mao Year (Chinese calender)
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