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1999.060.628 This is a bill written by the store named Jin Xiang Hao which seems had stores both in San Francisco and Seattle. There are two places in the bill that have red Chinese character stamps, the square stamp in the lower center is the store stamp said: Seattle Jin Xiang Hao, merchandise delivery stamp, the other stamp in the lower left corner is also the store stamp said:Seattle, San Francisco, Jin Xiang hao bill translation of the bill: Wu Shi Bao uncle to receive June 27th 2 boxes of soap $25 October 24 3 pieces of ham $115.5 2 boxes of soap $25 December 3rd No.3 ham $40 one box of soap $12 ------------------------------------- total $218 Dated on the left column of the bill:January 30th , 13th year of the Republic of China
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