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Letter Printed stationary with image of Sun Yat-sen "Father your exellency under your knees, Our family have separted several years. I hope you everyday is healthy and peaceful. Mother has changed her plan yesterday. She has already choosen the date for beginning the construction of the house. Jan, 29 will be the date to move to set the beam. The middle of march to move in. ( I am not sure which date, after I go home and find out the date, I will let you know). The gold price has been in inflated. The price of the building material must be increasing too. Everyone in the family is healthy and peaceful. Uncle Shi Kuan bought the land of Mr Luo's which located in the Dong ? Li village. The transaction was completed yesterday. Specially report to you. Wish you golden peace. " The 19th year of the Republic of China Your son, Shang Qiang
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