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17 - newspaper and magazine articles on Bruce Lee: A Life worth Remembering, by Richard Seven Bruce Lee in Scenes from Return of the Dragon Bruce Lee cutout photograph Bruce Lee Cutout photograph Hawaii's Kung Fu and other Martial Arts, June, 1974. Drugs Cited in Lee's Death Bruce Lee, Kung fu idol laid to rest, Seattle Times, July 31, 1973 Actor died of 'Misadventure' Bruce Lee;s Widow Testifies September 17, 1973, Seattle Times Lee died of Brain Disease Celebrity question on Bruce Lee Bruce Lee Warned about pot says doctor Bruce Lee: His legend still lives, July 21, 1979 Playing the late Bruce Lee's leading lady 'eerie', June 10, 1979 Bruce Lee: He was the Boy-god indestructable, John Owen April 6, 1975 Bruce Lee in 'Game of Death' poster
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