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Letter - Archives

Letters of introduction for Ah KIng to travel in China to procure items for the Alaska, Yukon, Pacific Exposition. A: To All American Consuls. From AW Lewis Nov. 30, 1908. B: To all American Consuls, from JS Goldsmith. December 1, 1908. C: To American Counsuls in China, from CB Yandell, December 2, 1908 D: To American Consuls in China From Ross Chesnut, December 2, 1908 E: To Whoim it may Concern, From RA Ballinger , December 4, 1908. F: To the American Consul, Canton, China, From Thomas Burke, December 4, 1908. G: To American Consuls From John H. McGraw, December 4, 1908. H: To Whom it may concen, From GF Vanderveer, December 4, 1908. I: To Diplomatic Officers of the US, From SH Piles, December 5, 1908. J: To Hon. Lee Allen Bergholz, Consul General, Canton China, WE Humphrey, December 7, 1908. K: To the American Consul in China, From WE Humphrey, December 7, 1908. L: To Diplomatic Officers, From Alvey Adee, December 7, 1908. M: To American Consuls, China, From Francis Cushman, Decmber 8, 1908. N: Letter to GE Mattox, Actring Director of Concessions, Alaska - Yukon - Pacific Exposition relating the expenses for the Chinese pavilion, from Ah King Co., May 30, 1909.
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