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2 - Japanese style poems created at the Minidoka Internment Camp during WW II in Poetry Clubs. Strips of paper with Senryu poems. Poems were brushed on strips called "Tanzaku" sometimes on commercial products and sometimes on pieces of scrap cardboard with illustrations either by the poet or another person skilled in drawing. This group of poems was retrieved from the estate of Mrs. Katsuko Hirata who passed away in 1957. Many poets used pseudonymns but Mrs. Hirata used her first name - Katsuko. Image 1 (A) is translated as: To Endless heartache and pain, We resign ourselves to our fate, Again and again. Katsuko Image 2 (B) is translated as: "Crying My Sorrows to the Infant, I Distract Myself" Katsuko Image 3 (C) is translated as: "When They Realize It Was a Misunderstanding, We Shall Regain Our Voices" Dogu Image 4 is translated as: "Simply Holding Fast to Pride of Blood, I Wait for Tomorrow." Chari
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