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Letter from Wong Sik Cheung's son. It discusses business issues, epecially an Uncle's business failure. Sent on June 20, 1924. From: Chang Wah Co., Inc. Imported Dress Code 133 S. El Dorado Street, Stockton, CA To: W. J. London Co., 664 King St., Seattle, WA Dear Father, I have received your letter, but have not informed anybody else yet. I need to negociate with Sei Suk (the forth uncle) first then decide how to deal with it. However, based on the current situation, I am afraid it cannot be solved, because Tsat Suk (the seventh uncle) is holding all the powers, even Sei Suk would agree, it does not really matter. Son heard the Sei Suk hardly had any ability, even he appeared to be a decent businessman. He came to find me the other day and told me that he regretted to over-trust Tsat Suk which lead to this bad consequence today. What's worse, there was a Westerner won thousands of dollars last week at his casino, Sei Suk thus had no money to maintain his place anymore. Sei Suk is now still hiding at home, not even step out of his house for once. Tsat Suk learned that, and he immediately stopped running his casino. Sei Suk had searched his house and now all he got is nine hundred dollars. Yet he wants some more cash to sustain his business, but he could hardly find anyone to lend him money. Son has already spread the words for him. I will wait for your words before I make any decision. Please send my regards to my brother. Son June 20, 1924
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