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Letter In Chinese To: London Co. 664 King Street, Seattle, WA From: Chicago Cafe 214 Broadway, Fargo, North Dakota Sent on March 6th, 1926 Brother Sik Cheung (Shuozhang), greeting! I was deeply shocked when I saw your letter saying that you had not yet received Bo Seng (Baocheng)'s mail. The mail had arrived in 20th June last year and it was given to Kat Yan (Jiren).There were people presented include Uncle Fong Man (Fengwen) and two or three other brothers. The mail was sent by the post office. You company might have handed it to you or they stored the mail but forgot to tell you about it. If the mail was lost, I hope brother can be honest with me. You may ask your people to search with you together. Younger brother Chiu Cheung (Qiaozhang)
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