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Letter, total 3 In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 417 Maynard Alley, Seattle, WA From: A. B. C. Mill 1099 Connaught Road, Shanghai, China Letter 1 Brother Kwok Ching (Guozhen), I received your letter on the 23rd last month. I am happy to learn about your life and that you earned 25 Yuan per month. Please be frugal all the time. Now that your Mother has been recovered from her illness, however, the other family members are sick due to the weather, not sure when they will be fully recovered. Also, I have been ill from August 14th, still not feeling well today, my son Chiu Chung (Chaozong) is sick since July 29th, his head aches, his body is burning hot, his limbs heavy and weak; he does not want to eat but he is as light as cotton. It hurts me everytime I look at him. I don't know if he can still carry on, I am really worried. We asked doctor to come look at him four or five times, but it did not work. Since July, his illness has cost the family more than 70 Yuan. But our family's money is limited, and we cannot think of anyone that we can borrow money from, I think you should know this well, our life is hard. Could you please send us some money if you got your recent salary, no matter how much, just to take care of Chiu Chung. P.S. The following is still about the family, so I cut it in order to avoid overweight letter charge. Letter 2 is a letter to Sik Cheung from his grandson Kwok Ching, the letter talks about similiar issues as letter 1, mainly about Chiu Chung's illness and the wish of receiving money from their family members living in America. Letter 3 is a letter from brother Hing Po (Qingpu), who worked in A. B. C. Mill., Connaught Road, Shanghai, sending his regards to Sik Cheung. Letter 2 &3 were written on Oct 5, Republic 24 Year (1935).
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