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Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co., 664 King Street, Seattle, WA -Letter from recipients' sister, asking her brothers' help to get her sons to come to US for better opportunities. -Letter from a friend letter 1 "Fuzhang, Shuozhang brother and Jiren nephew, I had sent letter for some days, but you not re-writte.I wanted to know if you received the letter.I received fifth brother's letter include the money.I am very thankful.You are all busy at foreign, I just hope everything well.Now I am busy doing many thing at home, looking after the children until they becaome adult.But my two sons are all over the age of study.I thought they need to find a job, but the condition in China very bad, it is hard to look a job.Our Guangdong's people of course know about this thing.So often go abroad like southeast Asia, Canada, U.S.A and so on.As my pool family and thought about your ability, I want to let two sons to U.S.A, please give me a help.I will thankful your help and my sons also remember your kindness.I think you will give me a hand about this thing. Hope everything well! Huang Caiyun
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