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Envelope and letter A:Envelope with U.S. postage stamp,To: M.g. London Co. 664 King. St. Seattle Wash.,Stockton B:Letter to Huang Shuozhang from: Huang Zhaozhang "Shuozhang, brother! I am not have some things, just as the Xinmin's marry.Now the date is coming, and the friend ask for the ship fees.Yesterday I talked about this thing, could not tell the really fact.Nowdays the finance not very well.I am not dare to ask for seventh uncle, just with sixth uncle talk to the friend about delay the marry.But he very angry said we discussed all well before but not want to delay, just as the ship fees.And he let me tell daugher about this thing.And I rewrited yesterday to tell our condition, please put off some days.At last, he agreed with me. Zhaozhang
Envelope and letter
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