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Envelope and letter A:Envelope with Republic of China postage stamp,To:W.g. London Co. 415 Seanth Ave St Seattle.Washington U.S.A B:Letter to Huang Jilun from Lian Ying "Great husband,Greeting's! I have received the money yesterday,and so happy that you are all safely outside.But father got the diease of heart.You must carefully do the things,not have bad behaviors.Your father has an old man.Don't waste money.You know get money not easy and not in debt when you at home.Now you know the money not enough.Everything should be hardworking and thrifty.I ask you when you pay the debtSome day ago,I received your letter said that go to school not done.If we must go to school,you should pay the debt.I'm also afraid others ridicule us.Furthermore,your sister let you go to work outside.I'm agree with hers.But you should go to work when your father's body got well.I have send three letters to you.I think you have received them.Only one of them to father,why you not back.My father address is Hua Qi Bi Zhu Bo Bu ,somebody received is well.My brother go home this time,he can't contact with in letter.You do anything should talk with your mother or me.Your mother has a warm-heart.She will tell you how to do.Your uncle,Wen Hai,died in this month,you only send 20 yuan to everybody.Now you will back your father's money,your letter tell me ,only write back to normal office is well.All family is well,you don't worry about. December 15
Envelope and letter
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