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Letter A: Envelope: To Huang Jilun, London company, Seattle, US B: Letter to Huang Jilun Dear my husband, Greeting's! I received your letter today. I have known everything. I have send three letters .Maybe write some wrong words to you,but I was very angury when I received my father letter.In letter writte me as a "bad man",but I don't know why.Your words didn't contact with your daughter.You just thing about how to live well.Your father work to others,but you can't give up him.In my words,I also didn't give up your word,everyone should do as this.In this way,husband and wife have some noisy,not stay a long.I want to get marry to you,you can't refuse.But I also not sure at this time.Another thing is that I recieved your letter.Your father and brother all want me to go to Jinshan to live.I'm very happy.I don't want other instead of me.You can't go with me together,I send my photo to you .You received well.The day befor yesterday,you pay back the letter of the New Year saids"250yuan,include this 40 yuan to use in pig,others to use in pick up father and Fourth old man.I have recived the 400 yuan,give it to everyone prepare to New Year.The sixth father also live in here.Now everybody is well.I hope you must safety outside.Other words not say.
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