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Letter 1 A: Envelope: To Huang Zhaozhang From: 415 Seventh AVE. SO. Seattle, WASH., U.S.A. W.J. London CO. B: Letter to Zhao Jun Uncle Zhao Jun Uncle, Greetings! I send you today, please use this money to buy the ticket for my fourth brother to get here. I received a letter from uncle, he told me my wife gave a birth for a baby boy yesterday. We were so happy when we heard that news. My nephew Guo Fan who was the son of my brother died due to illness, I feel so sorry about it. But now I feel so happy because my uncle's letter told me the good news. Please buy the ticket as soon as possible when you get my letter, so that, I can see my fourth brother soon. I will go to somewhere else to make a business, the other things I will write you letter. Best Wishes! Ji Lun Letter 2 Fourth Brother, I received your letter and know your news. I send some money for your ticket. I entrust your second uncle to help you to do these things. I think it is more convenient and proper for him to help you. Best Regards, Third Brother.
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