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Letter A: Envelop To: W. J. London Co. 664 King St. Seattle Wa. Huang Jiren B: Letter Dear father; Yesterday, I received you objects, and knowing your news. I shouldn't study hard as you command me. But now, as a son, I should help you and raise myself. But in China, if you want to get a high statue, you need money or a good diploma. So now, I will listen to your suggestion. For two reasons: 1, I am afraid my study failed, let my father upset and does harm to my reputation. 2, The changes in China. If there is any accident, I won't have any way out. If you have 10,000 Yuan in Guan Zhou and 5,000 for my tuition in school, I will study hard without any worry, this is the way I hope mostly. If you don't have enough money, I can go to do some business if I failed in my study. Except that, all the things will be difficult. I heard a uncle had a certification of going to American, it suits mother's age, I want to mother go to American. My house is building now, and will be finished in the middle of April, please send me money as soon as possible. There is a event that need people to donate, don't do that! Best Wishes! Son Guo 4/5/1931
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