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Letter A: Envelop To: W. J. London Co. 664 King St. Seattle Wash. Huang Shuozhang B:Letter to Huang Shuozhang letter 1 "Father,Greeting! I have known the things from your letter.You deputy Ma family pay for the gifts, money and so on are all well.Please tell relatives this thing.After days, I will choose some gifts through post office.You get these to relatives, hope Ma greeting soon.Now the time is better,as the daughter still young, this's not fit and the society not pease.So after some days and give the gifts is well. letter2 "Father ,Greeting! I received the gifts and money yesterday.I wanted to tell something and know the gifts must received yesterday.Father foggot something,as the cough reason,please tell other relatives some good words, let them pay some money.Another thing is that let them postpone a week and at that time, everying is well. Hope everybody well.
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