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Letter A: Envelop To: W. J. London Co. 664 King St. Seattle Wash. Huang Jiren From: 417 N. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, Cal. B: Letter Summary: I used to study at New York Columbia University, I almost finished my master degree except the dissertation. But the tuition of the Columbia University is so expansive, I hardly can not afford it. I used to work in my friend's shop, but my friend's shop are weak. So I decided to go to Los Angeles to teach at a Chinese American School. So that I can also continue my Doctor degree study at South California University. But the fact is that I can not continue the study due to South California University doesn't have Doctor Degree. So I decided to go to San Francisco when I finish the teaching work. I beg my brother could give me 200 dollar at the first third months, and give me 50 dollar per months after that. I will really appeciate you. Best Wishes! Chengye 4/30
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