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Letter From: Wing Hing Lung, 2459 Grant St., Ogden, Utah To: W.J. London Co. 664 King St., Seattle, WA Some monthes ago,Yanfa arrived in Seattle talk about there have some men could copy the Ziding and used in send and received money in Seattle and so forth.That day should have ordered as the company also have a lot so not buy. Now it's don't have enough, so please let you to order 300 pounds and must let men see carefully if they are all could use. When they are prepare well, please use box via slow train to me and tell me the fees, I will send money as soon as possible.Another thing when the day before yesterday, Yanfa instructed the company when order the Ziding.You commissioned many things so may know that man. Please do this thing well and so inconvenient you. Liangjia
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