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Letter to Huang Shuozhang "Shuozhang uncle, greating! Uncle has been aboard for some years, the mansion of Wan Fu Garden will meet Guanbian.But now our condition is so bad, everything need you help, we so thankful.Until this year, uncle has send more than 1,000 yuan in total.Now family got a new boy, cost 500 yuan, other money used to the cost of family.Now all the money will use up.I will get back the money include Jin Liu grandfather save the money at you and other fees, put them toghter and get the interests or do other things.Hope uncle use these money must be careful, get back the money is well, not take a long time.Our family so pleasure to you.Jinliu's father save a box in your place ago, if you could sell it is well, if not, please get it back when you back to China. Jinliu's grandmother
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