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Envelope and letter A:Envelope to w.g. London Co. 664 King St. Seattle Washington B:Letter to Huang Shuozhang "Shuozhang greeting, I received the letter with hundreds of money.I asked myself know can't back the money in time.I felt so ashamed. But from I back U.S.A to now, the cost in family became more and more and the profit not enough 3 yuan everyday.What worse, the rent of house need to pay 6 yuan one weak, add the fees of food.So I can not save many money, please forgive me.Now I get 100 yuan from friends, still less 10 yuan. So I hope after some days, the business become better and pay back the money. Now everybody at here are all well. Please tell every relatives.Just the business not well.Do you has the news about our city, if have please tell me. Thank you!
Envelope and letter
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