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Envelope and letter A:Envelope to w.g. London 664 King St. Seattle Wash. B:Letter to Huang Shuozhang Dear Brother Shuozhang, I received your letter and I knew everything. Yesterday I also received the letter from Shisheng, he said my son will come to the US by boat in March 17th. But I don't think he is already came. Beacuse I don't knew the policy of the customs, and I sent him the passport. After I sent the passport to him, I knew that if someone wants to come the US, he must have witness. So I sent him another letter to tell him don't come to the US now. That the reasom why I don't think he is been here now. But if he comes, I hope you can let him pass the customs without witness. If it works, please send me a letter, also let Shisheng to tell my son to come. Brother Zuofu
Envelope and letter
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