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Poster Color poster for the film Chan Is Missing is a 1982 film directed by Wayne Wang, which tells the story of two taxi drivers searching the streets of San Francisco's Chinatown for the man who ran off with their money. It stars Wood Moy, Marc Hayashi and Laureen Chew.[2] The movie was written by Isaac Cronin and Wayne Wang, directed by Wang and dedicated to Wong Cheen (or Wong Ch'ien or Hwang Qian). It is one of the first major American film productions in which Chinese Americans are portrayed in a realistic fashion, using many non-actors, in contrast with other films in which Chinese and Chinese Americans are portrayed in predictable and limited roles based on stereotypes. The movie is considered a seminal work of Asian American Cinema.[3] The song playing at the beginning of the movie is by Sam Hui. Its Mandarin Chinese name is Jia Jia Re Chao.
Chan is Missing
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