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Letter In Japanese To Matsuyo Murakami From her brother (unreadable)kuma in Japan 11/9/1918 It is getting colder here. The cold wind is blowing from the river to the open field. Leaves have changed their color to yellow and were blown to the ground. (untraslable) I trust that you and all your family members, Ayako and Chiyo-chan are doing well. Is Ayako-chan's injury healing OK? Mother is worring her so much about it. Sister, you might have heard about it, but in Japan, the disease, so called "Influenza" is going around. I have to be careful not to get it. (untranslable) Schools are all closed. Even myself got this flu. It has been nine days but still I haven't completely healed from it yet. I had fever of 41.2 Centigrade (106.16 Fahrenheit) when worst. Luckily, in my family, I am the only one who got it, nobody else did. Surely this year is such a strange year. ___ after all the leaves are gone and when it is getting colder, end of the year is coming near. December will be around the corner, in 20 days or so. Again, we got to make some Mochi and Soba. We have to endure the difficulties to the end of the year. Everybody is looking forward to Shogatsu (New Year), but you will never know how hard it is if you were parents (to get through this hardship at this time of the year.) (untranslable) Everytime I see our parents, I cannot help by shedding tears. They got old, but they still are working very hard in dirty car (rice or flour mill ?). They pound such as two to three "hyo" of rice (265 to 397 lbs) and mill the flour, with their face frowned, worried face and at night they sleep like a log. I assume that is really tough for them. If you are parents, you have to worry about providing food on the table everyday. When they didn't have enough money, they wonder how they could manage to borrow rice from somebody to prepare tomorrow's bento-lunch. I never can forget their grateful consideration for us.
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