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Letter in Japanese To: Higo Company 10 c Store To: Ayako san "I wish to thank you for your letter. At present I decided to read Aya's composition. I used a dictionary and I think I understand generally. I am happy to hear that you are all in good health. You must feel relieved since your mother has returned to (from ?) Japan. You all must have been supprised to hear about the culture of Imperial Japan with big round eyes. Your mother, Kane, said that all of her children are academically achieved and very proud of that. she said our Aya is going to be a woman lawyer. And your uncle said it is a good thing if they are able. I feel very happy. The most important thing in Japan is not how able you are academically but be loyal to the emperor first and next to your parents. If you are ernest in your work, your loyalty and filial obligation become one. In other words it becomes the loyalty to the Emperor. Please study hard and do your best to your father and mother. Come visit your mother and Japan to sightsee. When you wrote a letter to uncle buntaro please add my regards. Aunt
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