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Letter to: Higo Company, 673 Weller St. A letter to Mr. and Mrs. S. Murakami From: Sugiyama, Wapato Wash. Hand written letter in Japanese "Greeting I believe the fire last month occupied your concerns. Presently repairs of the store were completed and we reopened the store on May 1. I was wondering how you are and intended to inquire about your wellbing but I became busy planting cabbage other crops. Now I am doing a second planting. the forst planting was eaten by rats. Whatever was left was eaten by the (?). It is a bee sting on the crying faces. Compared with the past year, it is one month behind as far as planting cabbage are concerned. It grew fine this time last year. But this year we just began planting. I am affraid it will be (?) (Kiyodoro) I also planed sweet corn in 2 acres. Seelings in one were eaten be the rats and I am planting a second time. I am so busy that I took a long time to write back to you. Please take care with your health, both of you. Sugiyama
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