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2- Letters to: Higo Company, 673 Weller St. A: "To Sanzo Murakami In recent days I am late in replying. You gave us dishes - 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 colored glasses and the rest were broken. I received a total of 6 pieces. They were beautiful pieces. The letter is to thank you. There is no change here but my eyesight became worse recently, but otherwise no change. Tanaka Ichiryu died on January 10. As for money he was in trouble. I am sorry about that but it could not be helped. Please write a letter to his family. About the matter I asked in the letter please send it by June. I intended to send you my picture but could not due to my poor eyesight. I will send your "kaiseki" soon. Address to teh letter received. Everything will be taken care of when my son comes home. I think I answered all. I will send you the Keseki. This is all. B: March 19th 1914 To Murakami Sanzo It has become spring. yellow birds look around, chirping high and butterflies orange among the flowers. I am very pleased that Sanzo and Matsuyo are well and increasing your happiness. Please be at ease sine I too am well and am living everyday reigning harmony and peace. I was concerned about Maysuyo when she went to the USA because of the long distance. Please convey my best regards to Matsuyo. It is difficult how greatful I am caring for my young brother. I Good bye. Fom Nisaku
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