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Letter to: Higo Company, 673 Weller St. A letter to Mr. and Mrs. S. Murakami Handwritten in Japanese To elder Brother, "The heat is increasing and becoming earnest. I believe that you are well? Mother too is well. I will let you know of the misfortune of our family but your empathy will secure our ancestors and mother. I like to make surethat motheris free of concerns as soon as possible. Everyday so many things cross my mind and I cannot put all of my energy into my work. I wonder why one needs to experience this many sufferings for my ancestors and mother. I quit my career for the family to try to help my mother to not worry and not be lonley. The result is not what I intended because of economic recession here and in the US. I am suffering and want to cry. Do I really have to suffer for my ancestors and family? If I were alone I could go wherever and do whatever work I could. I could go to the bottom of the world of suffering. while the elder brother, Buntaro was home from the US he thought it was difficult to make a proper arrangement. He said he would think about what needs to be done and suggested. I wish your accomodation for a loan because of the situation described above. Please change the reason for being not able to make the loan to able to make the loan. I can settle with Y 2,000. I ask you repeatedly. Please understand my position asking you this while you are saying you cannot.
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