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Letter to: Higo Company, 671-3-5 Weller St. A letter to Mr. K. Suguro Formal printed letter in Japanese Humbly we convey our gratous greeting for the New Year. The monetary regulations were eaased this year which was a problem for many years. The different problems could not be helped for the changes but we must overcome many difficulties. We must expect to realize our remodeling of our main church at this time. In other words the country and churches expect many tasks. We feel courageous when we consider our own important responsibility. I send you a celebration of New Year. Second page: Shindo Maruyama Church Director of Main Church Remodeling Director - Ito Ino Remodeling Vice Director - Ito Rocurobei Remodeling Decetion Secretary - Toma Shotaro Remodeling Head Bookkeeper - Matsumoto Kanjiyu General Affair Chief - Shide Yasushi General Affairs Assistant - Ito Mutuo Education Member - Motoki Fukuji Bookkeeping Member - Hirano Kazuhiro International Affairs Member - Furubachi Tasu
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