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Letter to: Higo Company, 671-3-5 Weller St. A letter to Mr. S. Murakami Handwritten letter in Japanese Please note the following points to have your photo taken If you would send your photo as a member of the renovation cooperative's it is not necessary to pay for the cost of the photo as the renovation section will pay for them. Plese observe the followint points when having a photo taken: The size of the photo should be a card size photo taking the upper part of you. Clothing -Please wear a hoari with family crest if you are in Japanese style clothing. Please wear a tuxido of moring coat if you are in western style clothing. It is not necessary to have a hat, however if you want to wear a hat it should be a bowler. It is acceptable to wear Hoi and Hoten In case yout ake your photo in shoziku (formal clothing from the classical period) you must wear Swei headgear if it is in Akaha styel and if itis in Joi or Karigive style you must wear eboshi headgear. Please send the photo as soon as possible. Main building renovation outlook. Since last February we are puttin all our efforts into encouraging the workmmen and have finished putting on the copper roof, the wood floors and basic walls. In April we finished the ceiling. We have put the corridors around the building, put the railing called Kuran and brought in the fixtures. We started on the construction of stone steps; base coatingof walls and we plan to finish sometime in July. We are hurriying the workers presently. Besides the main church described above the additional buildings needing reconstruction yet to be done, the completion is yet to be done. The economic situation is not well here and there are few people who donate. Our effort is beyond the description. We fought this far so that we wish to complete what we started otherwise we do not have any excuse to our founder. We are in the middle of our effort to finish and are determined. The construction is continuing smoothly. We are framing the portraits. We intend to display these portraits in the main halland acknowledge their contribution and memorialize for a long time according to the organizations rules. All those portraits look good and realistic. Please submit them immedialy if you have not already done so. May 9th, 1933 Kanagawa Prefecture Renovation Section of Main Church To Murakami Sanzo, We have not written for awhile ... To all, the renovation is going well. And the members portratis are being framed. We would like to have yours asap. it should be through Mr. Katsumi, but he has not written to us and the correspondence we set last month was returned to us and we assume he has moved and so we felt we should address you directly. Please send your picture asap and also please check Mr. Katsumi's new address and let us know.
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