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Letter - Archives

1993.045.004A is a typed letter on Seattle Public Schools, Administrative and Service Center, Board of Directors letterhead. The letter is dated March 7, 1969, addressed to Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Luke and Family, and signed, Frank M. Brock, Secretary of the Board of Directors. The letter indicates the Seattle School Board Decision to name a school the "Wing Luke Elementary School." The letter measures 8 1/2"x 11." Accompanying this letter is a copy of the school board minutes taking this action, 1993.045.004B. The typed copy is on a single sheet of paper which measures 8 1/2" x 13 1/8" and has a fold 2 5/8" from the bottom. The minutes indicate the recommendation to name the school. A brief biography of Wing Luke, and the vote to accept the name as recommended. The school is located at 37th South and South Ken Yon Street on Beacon Hill, South Van Asselt.
Letter and Enclosed Minutes
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