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SMALL PAPER CHILDRENS BOOKS OF RHYMES A. book has Chinese characters on front. back is printed in English. "Kid- dies" is written in bold print, then "book 29, 4cents" below in smaller print, than, "Chung Hwa Book Co. Shanghai". front is yellow with flowered border. two children, one in yellow, one red, are reading books. back is blue with a border of yellow fans. little girl in green lights fire for kettle. All four books the same as "A" except: B. says "book 24". front is green with scale-like circles around border. has girl in red and yellow on mule. back is blue with white goose and red border with little yellow ducks. C. says "book 23". front has naked little boy with wings riding on the back of red rooster. border has geometrical pattern. back has blue background, yellow border and little girl in green and red eating from a bowl with chop- sticks while a little dog watches and drools. D. says "book 18". front has cloudy blue sky with boy in red and white stripes flying an orange airplane over the tops of buildings with the ocean and ships in the background. black border with red "comma" shapes. back has blue background. there are two jockies on horses. plain red border. Books written in rhyme with Chinese characters plus phonetic alphabet.
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