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THREE PAPERBOUND BOOKS OF CROSS STITCH PATTERNS all three have similarly printed covers. the words "Sun Sun Cross Stitch Book" are printed in English in a large rectangle along with the volume number and some boldly printed Chinese characters. the rectangle is a border of leaves. other cover also has a rectangle bordered with leaves. however, this one has a peacock printed in the center with Chinese characters across it's spread feathers. rows of Chinese characters surround the peacock. volume 9 or "A", has a border of light green surrounding a yellow rectangle. It's border has rounder leaves than "B" or "C", and has a circle at each corner. Volume "B" has a rectangle and border which are both orange. border's leaves are rectangular with a sharp tip. Volume "C" has a yellow rectangle with a dark green border with leaves of the same type as "B". inside all three are grids printed in blue with various cross stitch patterns on them. there is one page in each book that has many designs but no grid. there are also a few pages in each book that has cross stitch patterns in color. the books are bound at the top with string.
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