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Watercolour Painting entitled "Pressure Boys" Depicts four large and two small figures of Japanese American men. The large figure at the left of the painting wears a light coloured top with green and reddish speckles, a medallion (dog tags?) hangs around his neck; he is supporting the man next to him in dark green with a dark banner crossing his chest which has Japanese characters on it. Another man in dark green in the foreground looks away from the others and has Kanji written on him as well. The figure in the background of this group is also dark. Two smaller figures on the far right of the painting appear to be in conversation and are wearing dark green. The background has been left white as a stark contrast to the figures. Painted with transparent and semi-transparent paint and finished with speckles on heavy Arches' watercolour board. The artist has signed the back in pencil with the title, his name, and date with a copyright symbol, "'Pressure Boys', Lee J. Wexler, 1977 c" and the lower left front with his name and date. The back is yellow and has a large green and white label printed with "Arches Water Color Boards..." Originally mounted in a black plastic frame with plexiglass front.
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