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Letter - Archives

Three pages A: Mimeographed notice in Chinese. There is a written address in English for the "Wong Ass'n, 212 NW 4th Ave. Portland, Oregon" It is dated June 29, 1960. The document is an announcement from the Wong Association headquarters in San Francisco to the Association in Seattle that a memorial service will be held in Portland July 11 for the former head of the association there. B: Letter on white paper with red ink letterhead and lines. In Chinese and English across the top. "Ten King Society, 329 NW 4th Avenue Portland, Oregon, USA." The street address is crossed out and there is a purple stamp to the left of it: "Wong Family Benevolent Ass'n 333 NW Couch Street, Portland 9, Oregon, USA" The letter is hand written in black Chinese characters and dated June 19, 1963. A letter from assoc in Portland to Seattle asking that they assist a visiting artist form Toisan, Lei-Sheng Wong who was exhibiting his works in Portland and Seattle. C: Letter on white paper with red ink head and vertical lines. In English and Chinese the letterhead is: "Wong Woon Shun Co. 212 NW 4th Avenue, Portland 9, Oregon USA. The letter is in Chinese in black ink. There are two purple stamps on the left. The lower one in Chinese and the upper one in both. "Wong Woon Shun Co." Dated June 25. Receipt for $10.00.
Wong Family Benevolent Association
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