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Letter - Archives

56 letters from the Wong Association in San Francisco. A: Dated January 26, 1957. A thank you letter to the Seattle members for buying lottery tickets for beauty pagent contestant Mei Hsia. Tickets to be sent. B: Dated March 3, 1957. Concerning March meeting and fund raising for the Hong Kong branch. C: March 3, 1957. Plan to raise money for the Hong Kong branch during the 6th Annual meeting. D: Dated May 1, 1957. Notice that 6th Annual Meeting will be held September 8, 1957. E: Dated May 15, 1957. Notice that the Annual meeting is changed from September 8 to September 1 so a president from East Coast can participapte. F: Dated June 14, 1957. announcement that chairperson of Portland branch passed away June 12. G: Dated August 23, 1957. Announcement that first vote for presidents will be September 15. H: Dated October 5, 1957. Notice that ballots for association presidents had to be turned in by November 2. I: November 21, 1957. Reelection notice. Ballots must be in December 14. J: December 6, 1957. Addresses disparaging remarks about finances of the association. K: August 7, 1958. The Seattle branch can nominate two candidates for the second vote on September 13. L: September 25, 1958. Ballots have to be sent in by October 18. M: November 19, 1958. For the second vote the ballot papers have to be sent in by December 13, 1958. N: August 14, 1959. for the 1960 election the ballots have to be sent in by October 18. O: September 17, 1959. For the second vote the ballots have to be sent in by October 17, 1959. P: December 22, 1959. A Wong Family association building has been completed in Hong Kong and would open soon. Each branch is asked to donate $100.00 for gift from Wong Family Associations of America. Q: August 1960. Headquarter renovations had been completed and the reunion would be held on 9/18. Each association should place preparatory work in envelopes addressed to "Preparation Department" R: August 1960, The 7th reunion would be held on 9/18 with the completion of the renovations and all participants would need to register by 9/10. S: August 8, 1960, The leadership has suggested a name change and this would be addressed at the reunion. T: August 14, 1960, First round of the election of president for 1961would be held in September. U: August 22, 1960, Each branch should have at least two representatives at the reunion. V: September 1960. Each branch should contribute money to the reunion. W: October 18, 1960, Donors of more than $100.00 to the reunion would receive a "Long Life Tablet." This would incude the name of the donor and his wife and names would need to be turned in before the end of the year. X: November 8, 1960, The second round of the election would be held December 17. Y: May 27, 1961, The former president of the association, Wong Bik Chuen (from Toi San, Dung Hau) passed away on May 27 in Tong Hua hospital. He was 89. The funeral was held June 4, 1961 at 1:00PM. Z: November 24, 1961, Second round candidates are: Wong Gwok Wan and Wong Se Ging for president and Wong Chi Lai and Wong Foon Po for vice president. AA: March 24, 1962, the office of the Wong Association in Portland is being forced to move because the rent is increasing. They asked each branch to donate money to them. The Association headquarters donated $100.00. AB: April 3, 1962. The geneological record of the Wong Family has been published and encourages other members to order their copy. AC: September 19, 1962, Representaives to the 4th convention would arrive (in Seattle ?) on 9/22 and would need transportation from the airport. AD: October 1, 1962, The president of the Boston office passed away on November 1, and flowers shoulkd be sent to the funeral committee. AE: October 19, 1962, Wong Ka was leaving California on October 27th or 28th. AF: October 22, 1962. AG: November 14, 1962, Final voting was held on November 21. The vote from each branch should be sent before December 12. AH: May 2, 1963, Mr. Wong Lui Sun Ka a famous artist in Japan, England, Italy and South East Asia is coming to America to show his work. AI: November 19, 1963. One of the branches is being ofrced to leave their office and to preserve their work are asking for $18,000. AJ: November 20, 1963. Final vote results should be sent in by December 21. AK: May 5, 1966, Headquarters eent the registration number for mr. Lung Saang Gwan and asked the branch to record it. AL: September 9, 1966, Final election to be held December 11, each branch to send election results by December 10. AM: November 6, 1966. Registration recepts to each branch and each should send names to headquarters. AN: february 7, 1967. Minneapolis former president has died, He was 78. Funeral to be held February 20 in Minneapolis. AO: February 13, 1967. AP: February 24, 1967. The former president of the Wong Association Wong Sung Yan passsed away on febraury 21,. He was 91. AQ: March 5, 1967. Mr. Wong Chung Kei, a lawyer in LA is very talented. He is going to compete with others to become a congressman, Headquarters donated $500.00 to his campaign so he could win the election. AR: March 20, 1967, The Associatio donated 50.00 to Mr. Wong Chung Kei's campaign. AS: May 28, 1967, Wong Fa Yiu the former president of the Association, manager of the Hip Sing Assocation in the US, commissioner of Overseas Chinese and councilor of America Kuomingtung passed away on May 28, 1967. His funeral will be in New York. AT: June 24, 1967 AU: September 3, 1967 AV: September 3, 1967, At the 9th reunion the name is changed in Chinese from Wong Kong Ma Wan Shaan Assocation to Wong Family Association. AW: October 11, 1967, Headquarters agrees to help one of the branches in fund raising (Seattle?). AX: october 21, 1967, Wong Gwong Goo, former presidient has passed away. AY: November 1967. Wong Cham Lai thanks association for gifts and gives $30.00. AZ: November 10, 1967. First round of election of Curator was held. Proceeding candidates were: Nogk Fa, Pooi Man, Se Ging and Yue Seung. second round would be December 10. BA: August 12, President of the association is invited to the reunion on November 10. BB: Janaury 20, Freso branch informs other branches of the death of Wong Tsz Hong and have already given $10.00 from each branch to the family. BC: April 21, Boston former president had passed away and had already given $10.00 from each branch to the family. BD: October 2. Two members sent by headquarters to the reunion of Sui Sing associaition and were warmly received.
Letters from Wong Association in San Francisco to Seattle Wong Association
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