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Doll - Artifacts

Female Ichimatsu doll in an orange silk kimono holding two floral hats which match the hat on her head. The doll wears a long-sleeved kimono with yellow/white floral print, yellow silk sash at the waist, and orange/gold brocade torso section. The hats are decorated with delicately sewn roses and chrysanthemums in tangerine/lemon/pink/blue with gold centers. Hand-made. The head, forearms, and legs are made from a mixture of sawdust and glue which is then covered with a layer of flesh-colored gofun, aleuron, and powdered oyster shell. After the gofun dries, the Tokusa plant is used to buff it until it has a smooth and shiny finish. Each brow is delicately painted, hair by hair. The eyes are glass and have real lashes made from human hair. The fringed hairstyle, typical in girl ichimatsu dolls, is also made from human hair. The oburisode, or formal outfit with full-length sleeves, indicates this doll is a display or presentation one, meant to be confined to a glass case as a decoractive element of the home. Ichimatsu dolls are named after Sanagawa Ichimatsu, a famous Kabuki actor who lived in Osaka in the mid-18th century. His beauty and stylishness were said to be the inspiration for the Ichimatsu doll's face, both male and female. (A): Doll (B): Hat (C) and (D): Tabi (E): Platform inside case (F): Case
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