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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Standing geisha dancer doll on dark wooden base wearing floral patterned kimono. The black wig is pulled back from face covering ears with straight tendrils descending below ears. Hair is tied at top of head with stiff yellow string in decorative small knot. Five hair accessories: gold fan with silver dangles; red/white/pink pom pom with orange and white tassels; pink and white shibow wrap; multi-colored chiffon-like wrap; orange cloth with single knot. Face is hand-painted brown eyes, red lips, two red dots for nostrils. A brown paper and wood fan is held across chest in left hand with yellow and white daisies. Clue and gold background kimono is Furisode style with yellow and orange background and floral pattern in purple, orange, white, yellow, and green with gold flecks. Kimono body lined in red/orange with padding in hem. Underskirt is orange with metallic silver and gold leaf pattern which is repeated at collar. Wood base has scratches at regular intervals from mid- doll to back-straight parallel lines. Some strands loose from wig. Straight pins used to secure seams of obi and hold open kimono at knee. Sleeve lining is red and white print pattern. Upper sash across chest is red and white shibori. Obi is orange, white, and gold upholstery-like fabric in a "hemp leaves" pattern. Narrow orange sash is tied around obi. One foot shows with two toes, hands have all fingers. Hands and feet are white cloth.
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