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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Standing doll with umbrella on low black wood base. A-Doll: Kimono of synthetic fabric in small pattern of white grasses, flowers and butterflies on navy blue bkgnd. Color and small pattern indicate middle- aged lady. Hair style and low cut at back of kimono indicates lady of Yoshiwara (red-light district). Kimono lining and 2 padded hems are 2 shades of purple. Banding and sleeve lining are gray with red inner lining. Under- slip is pale olive. Collar is darker olive. Obi is black satin tied in a matronly style. Obiage is turquoise and white tie-dyed fabric. High black geta are used in rainy weather with gray grosg rain throngs. Entertainer's hair style with turqoise shell comb, pin, and bar. Silver paper tie around padded bun in back. Feet, hands, and face of white silk. Painted features. B-Tortoise Shell Bar: plastic, 5 7/8" x 1/2". C-Hair Pin: 3.5" long, gold metal double pointed pin with green ball near end. D-Umbrella: 12" long, 15.25" diameter. Bamboo handle wrapped with reed wood spokes. Paper covering of blue and brick color in tie-dye pattern. Top ribs painted in brick lacquer with about 1" black lacquer near central point. Top covered with light brown paper and the brown brocade fabric and tied with green string. Umbrella will open and close.
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