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Hanging - Artifacts

Image Hanging
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Fabric door panel or curtain. Top sleeve of green silk with six red diamond- shaped red silk sections outlined in blue fabric and fur fringe, round steel buttons on the blue. Yellow embroidered characters read, from right to left, "Hong Kong China Embroidery House". The hanging potion upper panel is pink silk with embroidered peonies and pheasants with 3 hexagonal panels of blue silk with beaded Chinese characters reading "??? road pot". Steel buttons outline the various patterns. The lower panel has a white silk background with embroidery of buildings, warriors, horses, etc. Down the center are four red hexagonal panels in red with white beaded Chinese characters reading "China Association Hall". The upper and lower panels are outlined by blue borders with embroidered swastikas and chinese characters for longevity. There are metal buttons outlining the panels and various patterns. The back of the curtain is of unbleached muslim with a large drawing in black, red, pink, orange, and yellow of a warrior on horseback carrying a lance. A small flowered mound is in the foreground. At the bottom of the curtain is a fringe of tassels in yellow, silver, red, and lavender
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