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Wing Luke Museum
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Lantern - Artifacts

Red Cloth New Year Lantern Red cloth with white kanji "fu" character written on one side (means good fortune). On the opposite side is a painted scene of two men sitting by a wei-ch'i (go) board. Behind them is a man riding a crane, which stands for longevity. To the left is a man dancing. Around top of lantern are circles of purple, red, yellow, and blue. There is a wooden ring around top covered with silver paper. Projecting from top are 3 metal rods on each side which merge at the top into one piece. A thinner piece of wire is attached to the ends and formed into a hook at the top. Around the bottom is a wide circle of flowers, then circles of dark green, yellow, and red. A wooden base covered with silver paper followed by a carved red base with gold paint on protruding parts.
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