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Wing Luke Museum
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Hanging - Artifacts

Image Hanging
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Painted wood panel with enameled and carved shell figure: a woman carrying a wrapped sword in T'ang dynasty style clothing. The single piece wood placque is entirely painted black. On the front a double border of gold lines trims the placque. Framing the figure is another border of gold and white paint, a thick line is trimed with an S-scroll design. The figure is set in an outdoor scene, painted in the same gold color, consisting of a tall bamboo, a gnarled trunk, a low bamboo fence, and some rocks and grasses. The figure is in medium relief. Her head, sash, hand, and sword covering are in a material which resembles ivory; her skirt is carved from a pale to dark greem material similar to jade, the long ribbon sash is a yellow enamel decorated with blue paint; here top robe is a mottled purple and gray; an apron (?) is carved from a shell similar to mother-of-pearl. The clothing of the figure is embellished by painted designs in plant motifs. The womans hair is painted black and there is a red flower or decoration in it. On the back at the center top, two holes have been drilled into the panel for hanging purposes.
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