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Wing Luke Museum
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Purse - Artifacts

Four 8" cloth squares sewn together; one outer square is embroidered, the other is plain but lined, the fourth square is between the lined square and the unlined one, and provides a division for the contents of the purse. One corner is unseamed to proide an opening which is closed by a drawstring. Embroidered section is made up of bands of cross-stitch snowflake patterns that follow the angles of a square outline stitch; stitching is mostly in violet, red, and white on dark blue cloth. Braid and chainstitch decorate the drawstring corner; drawstring is red braid with a coin and green glass bead on the end. Plain outer side of purse is red with red lining. Inner division piece is white. Some patches of red cloth are on the inside of the purse. See page 31 of _Pein Fa Hang Collection_ catalog.
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