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Image Headdress
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Three panels of red silk tassels hanging from silver chains. The two end chains are 14" long, the center chain is 15" long. Tassels on the two end chains are longer (33 16.5" tassels on the right, 34 on the left) than the tassels on the center chain (12 pairs of 9" tassels). At the very ends of the outer chains are 6 paired 22" tassels, two pairs of which are topped with a 1/2" translucent red beads and are attached with rings to cloissone' disks to the chain. There are also two fatter tassels between each of the end panels and the center panel that hang to the same length as the 16.5" tassels, but are actually shorter tassels topped by 5" of beads that are, in turn, suspended from an embossed silver pirce in a diamond shape. Each of the shorter tassels hanging from the center panel has a red pom-pom above it. See page 32 of_Pien Fa Hang Collection_ catalog.
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